The Association of Swedish Foundations

The Association of Swedish Foundations is an association of foundations and individuals dedicated to creating a supportive legal and fiscal environment for foundations. We also strive to emphasize the altruistic work of foundations and to show the important role of foundations in Swedish society.

In order to achieve this we support cooperation, both among foundations and between foundations and other actors in society. The Association of Swedish Foundations was founded in 1989, and is a uniting force and a meeting place for Swedish foundations. Both foundations and individuals interested in topics regarding foundations may become members of the association. Furthermore, the Association of Swedish Foundations is one of the organizations consulted by the Swedish government on new legislation proposals.

The Association of Swedish Foundations is a member of Donors and Fundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) which is a network with its own governance structure bringing together more than twenty donors and foundations networks from across Europe. Each of these individually serves public benefit foundations and other grantmakers at national level. With a collective membership of over 6,000 foundations, DAFNE underpins the individual activities of its members by strengthening collaboration between the national associations and providing a platform for exchange of knowledge. The secretariat of DAFNE is hosted by the European FoundationCentre (EFC).